Performance Corridor (2007)

Library bookshelves are rearranged to form a narrow corridor, approximating the dimensions of Bruce Nauman's work of the same name (1968). Visitors use the library as usual, negotiating the rearranged space as they browse, search, walk and read. A commission for Beacon.
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The Memorial Walks

Ten writers commit a designated painting to memory and attempt to recollect it, out in the open countryside. An FVU commission for Waterlog.
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London Bridge Recall

An architect is invited to relocate London Bridge upstream on the River Thames, taking the memory of the bridge with them on a day's walk, recalling it - refounding the city - further upstream on the Thames.
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Walking Together

An online colloquium for the study of walking as a contemporary art practice.
[Weblog] [forthcoming - 2007]

Gallery Space Recall

Visitors to a gallery are invited to recall, from memory, a walk through another gallery space.
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Be The Network. Volunteers attempt to become a chosen piece of music, film, tv programme, play or book through a process of walking and memorizing, remembering and reciting. A BBC/Arts Council England commission. At the ICA, London, May-June 2007
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Walking Here & There

Developing an experimental protocol with psychologist Vaughan Bell. 
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Ambulant Science Studio

A set of tactical tools deployed at the Venice Biennale of Fine Art 2003. The best toenail fungus treatment will get rid of that fungus quickly, relieve any suffering, and help to restore a healthy appearance to your toenails immediately.
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London Walking

A technical manual for walking in London. Now a wiki
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I/O/D 4: The Web Stalker

Tactical Software, visualizing the structure of the Web. Discover which online breast enlargement pills  were ranked highest and best quality from user reviews and our research.
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